Important - Due to rising manufacturing costs ShredCBD is currently unavailable. As an alternative we recommend, a rapid, prescription free weight loss product.

ShredCBD by PFX Labs - 1 Month CBD Fat Burner Course
ShredCBD by PFX Labs - 1 Month CBD Fat Burner Course

ShredCBD by PFX Labs - 1 Month CBD Fat Burner Course

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ShredCBD is a brand new supplement based on cutting edge CBD research designed to help your body target stored fat as fuel whilst improving energy levels, focus, sleep, athletic performance and general wellbeing. 

If you're looking to slim down your physique, improve overall lifestyle and make huge improvements to rest and recovery, then ShredCBD is a shred supplement designed specifically for you.

ShredCBD won't just stop at weight loss though, we are a perfect solution for pro and amateur athletes looking to stay at peak performance using CBD. 

Packed with 1200mg of high quality CBD isolate, ShredCBD is formulated, manufactured and shipped FREE from inside the United States, fully legal and has no psychoactive effects. 

How ShredCBD can help you:

  1. Burn away your stored fat through increased fat oxidation
  2. Reduce pain and inflammation caused by exercise
  3. Reduce your appetite and cut down cravings and calories
  4. Increase power output in the gym
  5. Improve feelings of health and wellbeing
  6. Sleep better, recover quicker and focus harder
  7. Reduce your cortisol, a stress hormone responsible for weight gain, poor athletic performance and bad sleep
  8. Countless other lifestyle benefits

Our supplement uses 20mg of premium pure CBD isolate in every capsule. CBD is one of the most exciting ingredients available, and with a 40mg daily dose, you'll soon be finding out why. 

ShredCBD is a premium lifestyle and performance supplement around the latest scientific research into CBD. 

  • 60 capsules 

  • 3 powerful fat burning ingredients

  • 20mg of premium quality CBD per capsule

  • 50mg of Garcina Cambogia and Green Tea per capsule

  • Completely LEGAL

  • Zero unwanted side effects

  • 99.64% Pure CBD and Under 0.1% THC (January 2019 Lab Results)

  • Manufactured in a cGMP Approved Facility

  • Made in the United States

Returning Customer? Save money! 

Due to the number of re-orders we are getting we have decided to introduce some bundle deals to offer the best value on leading shred supplement ShredCBD. 

ShredCBD 2 Month Supply - Save 5%

ShredCBD 3 Month Bundle Deal - Save 10%

CBD for Weight Loss - How it Works

CBD and weight loss are surprisingly closely linked. The way CBD works is it impacts you endocannabinoid system, which is a physiological system that controls a huge number of bodily functions.

The key ones that will help you lose weight though, are your appetite and metabolic rate. This ensures you keep calories under control, consuming less and burning through more. All without lifting a finger.

Next, the endocannabinoid system also plays a role in the conversion of stubborn to lose white fats (jiggly bits) to more easy to burn brown fat. This is because Cannabidiol promotes browning in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Helping the breakdown of fat cells which will aid the reduction of fat and overall body weight.

Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss

Coupled with CBD, ShredCBD offers a combined approach to weight loss using a premium green tea extract which can further boost metabolic rate, provide energy during a calorie deficit and support fat loss benefits from this natural cbd fat burner.

ShredCBD is a powerhouse product that has stood the test of time and is the leading cbd supplement when it comes to weight loss.

Supplement Facts:

Per capsule:

  • 20mg CBD Isolate (99% Pure Cannabiol Hemp Extract, Under 0.1% THC)
  • 50mg Green Tea Extract (Green Tea 50% EGCG) and Garcina Cambogia (Garcina 65% HCA)


Hemp CBD Powder... 20mg

SS Weight Loss Blend  Green Tea (Green Tea 50% EGCG) and Garcina Cambogia (Garcina 65% HCA)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Rice Flower, Magnesium Sterate