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Shred Supplement - Diet Drops for Fitness and Strength
Shred Supplement - Diet Drops for Fitness and Strength
Shred Supplement - Diet Drops for Fitness and Strength

Shred Supplement - Diet Drops for Fitness and Strength

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Shred Supplement

Shed Supplement Drops is an advanced fat burner supplement that enhances muscle growth and endurance while improving energy levels and overall wellbeing. So if you are looking to boost your exercise program, and build muscle while losing weight, then this supplement is for you.

It contains well-known fat burners as well as ingredients that improve cholesterol levels and balance blood sugar, supporting you to lose weight and feel good.

Better energy, more efficient fat loss, and improved muscle growth! If you want to burn fat and build lean muscle, then look no further.

How to Use Shred Supplement Drops To Burn Fat

For optimal results, take a few (2-3) drops under the tongue 3 times a day.

Shred Supplement Drops Can Help You

  1. Increase fat burning

  2. Improved metabolism

  3. Appetite-suppressant

  4. Boost energy

  5. Increased exercise endurance

  6. Improved exercise performance

  7. Recover faster

  8. Decrease stress and improve mood

  9. Improve blood sugar levels

  10. Decease bad cholesterol

  11. Improve overall health and well-being

Burn Excess Fat and Build Lean Muscle With Shred Supplement Drops

  • 60 servings

  • Natural weight loss drops

  • 12 powerful ingredients

  • Zero unwanted side effects

  • Accelerates metabolism

  • Manufactured in a cGMP Approved Facility

  • Made in the United States

How Do Shred Supplement Drops Increase Fat Loss?

The ingredients in Shred Supplement Drops work synergetically to improve fat loss and support muscle building.

Fat Burner

African Mango Extract (AME) is perhaps the shining star of this product. Although it is relatively new to the world of health and supplement, the Irvingia Gabonensis plant has been used in Western Africa for many hundreds of years. Making this a best shred supplement.

It has the incredible ability to reduce body fat, regulate leptin levels, and balance cholesterol. The tribes that consume it are known for being slim, and for being less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Leptin is an important hormone in regulating body weight, appetite, and metabolism. Supplements that help regulate leptin, such as African Mango, are also powerful appetite suppressants.


Mango Tree Image by moghulm from Pixabay

Muscle Building

Shred Supplement Drops contain powerful ingredients to promote muscle building, improve athletic performance, and boost muscle gain.

It contains Beta-Alanine, which increases time to exhaustion in both short duration and long duration exercise, which will enable you to work out harder for longer, thus optimizing muscle growth.

The addition of L-glutamine also improves recovery time so that you can work out again faster.


Shoulder Muscles Image by Łukasz Dyłka from Pixabay


Supplementation can only do so much. In order to really benefit from fat burners, you have to keep up a good diet and exercise regime. To do that successfully, a good mindset is imperative.

That is why Shred Supplement Drops contain ingredients such as Maca, and Rhodiola, which improve energy and mood. If ever you are struggling with motivation, place a drop under your tongue and wait for it to work its magic!

The Benefits of Liquid Fat Burners

One of the things that make Shred Supplement Drops such an effective weight loss supplement is its liquid form.

The bioavailability of herbal remedies such as those found in this supplement is better when taken in liquid form. (11)

When taken as drops, ingredients tend to reach peak concentration faster. This can be a huge benefit when you are trying to lose weight because you can take them when you are feeling your willpower dwindle or you need the extra energy boost to get through your workout.

Shred Supplement Drops Ingredients

Shred Supplement Drops Ingredients

African Mango Extract

African Mango Extract (AME) is a dietary supplement that has been shown to increase fat burning and improve health markers such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

One of the most exciting findings of recent studies is the ability of AME to inhibit the growth of fat cells. (1). AME also improves fasting blood sugar and both total and bad (LDL) cholesterol. (2)

In a 10-week randomized controlled study, participants experienced an average of 28 pounds (12.8 kg) of weight loss, a 6.3% dip in body fat, and a 6.4-inch (16.2-cm) reduction in waist circumference. (2)

L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, and L-Arginine

Ornithine, citrulline, and arginine are the three amino acids involved in the urea cycle. Evidence has shown that supplementation improves athletic performance by reducing levels of ammonia, which increase during exercise and contribute to fatigue. They must be taken together to experience the best results. (3)


Man and woman doing push ups. Image by 5132824 from Pixabay


L-Glutamine is a building block of protein, and taking it can improve muscle gain and exercise performance. It also reduces muscle soreness so that you can recover faster and work out harder, making it a valuable addition to any diet and training program. (4).


A good mindset is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Maca can improve mood and increase energy levels. (5).


Niacin improves blood fat levels by increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol. (6)

Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities.

Both of these properties work to improve mood, ability to lose weight, and overall health.

Women measuring her waist. Image by happyveganfit from Pixabay


Studies have shown that Beta-Alanine increases your time to exhaustion (TTE), so that you can work out for longer. (7)

It works on both long-duration exercises such as cycling and long-duration exercises such as HITT. In one study, it was shown to increase TTE by 19%! (8)

It can also increase muscle endurance and reduce fatigue! (9).


Anxiety, stress and inadequate sleep contribute to fatigue, weight gain, and muscle loss. Rhodiola is an adaptogen, meaning it improves the way your body handles stress. It has also been shown to improve mood and energy levels.

In one study, participants reported improvements in stress, mood, concentration, and fatigue after only one week! (10)


Active compounds in astragalus can lower blood sugar and improve metabolism, which can lead to weight loss (11).