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Get the ShredCBD cbd for weight loss bundle and get 4 months of ShredCBD + 1 month free and our cbd weight loss guide. Using ShredCBD is simple and can boost metabolic rate, reduce appetite and turn your body into a fat burning machine. 

  • CBD helps you burn fat and feel energized.

  • Manage your hunger cravings for sweets, carbs, or caffeine. Eat what you need, not what you crave.

  • Improve daily health and wellbeing whilst using cbd for weight loss

  • Power through workout sessions with ease by releasing stored body fat for fuel.

  • Improve sleep quality for a healthy lifestyle that feels balanced and fulfilling.

Why Choose the ShredCBD - CBD for Weight Loss Ultra Bundle?

  • Get One bottle of Shredcbd completely free! 
  • 60 capsules per bottle

  • 3 powerful fat burning ingredients

  • 20mg of premium quality CBD per capsule

  • 50mg of Garcina Cambogia and Green Tea per capsule

  • Completely LEGAL

  • Zero unwanted side effects

  • 99.64% Pure CBD and Under 0.1% THC (January 2019 Lab Results)

  • Manufactured in a cGMP Approved Facility

  • Made in the United States

CBD and Weight Loss Supplement Bundle - ShredCBD

CBD is a natural product that can help with weight loss. It has been scientifically proven that CBD oil can help by balancing the levels of insulin and glucose.

Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all journey, it should be tailored to your specific needs. With CBD, you have another tool to add to your weight loss arsenal, so you can find the right balance of healthy nutrition and exercise for your individual situation.

Supplement Facts:

Per capsule:

  • 20mg CBD Isolate (99% Pure Cannabiol Hemp Extract, Under 0.1% THC)
  • 50mg Green Tea Extract (Green Tea 50% EGCG) and Garcina Cambogia (Garcina 65% HCA)


Hemp CBD Powder... 20mg

SS Weight Loss Blend  Green Tea (Green Tea 50% EGCG) and Garcina Cambogia (Garcina 65% HCA)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Rice Flower, Magnesium Sterate

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