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ShredCBD acquires weight loss specialist and website www.drthrasher.org:

We're pleased to have Dr Thrasher managing our blog: https://shredcbd.com/blogs/shredcbd/
The Dr. Thrasher received a Bachelor's of Science degree in 1959 at California State University, Long Beach as well as received a Ph.D. at the University of Lincoln, Los UK, School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy in 1964. The medical school he taught at was both NYU in the field of human anatomy, cell biology and physiology, as well as embryology. The Dr. Thrasher has specialized in toxicology since the year 1966 as well as Immunotoxicology in 1986. He has served as an expert consultant for toxicology labs and three diagnostic labs for humans. He has also served as an expert witness for federal as well as plaintiff and defense cases.
Professor. Thrasher has published peer-reviewed research papers on the toxic effects of a variety of chemical compounds, bacteria, molds as well as mycotoxins, on both animals as well as humans. They include the immunotoxicology associated with formaldehyde, organophosphate insecticides solvents, insecticides chlorinated, hydrogen sulfide and isocyanates as well as the presence of molds and bacteria in water damaged houses and structures.
Alongside this research into Toxicology Our Dr. Thrasher author has also vast experience with weight loss.

I've been running my weight loss clinic on Harley Street in central London for the past 12 years.

There's one thing that I think I can do better than everyone else to help busy, smart, and successful women make lasting changes starting from the inside.