Walking for Weight Loss with CBD

Losing weight can seem so daunting and complicated, with workout plans, complex crazy exercises and extremely restrictive diets.

But, what if you could lose all your unwanted fat over a 3 month period...by walking? 

Here's how to combine walking with ShredCBD to maximise weight loss, and how ShredCBD can help you boost fat loss as you walk! 

Why Walking for Weight Loss Works

A brisk walk burns calories. And, it's a surprisingly effective way of doing so. You can burn an extra 300 calories for an hour of brisk walking. 

This is a lot, especially when you make sure you're doing it daily! 

By walking you're adding low impact, easy to recover from cardiovascular activity to your daily schedule. And because it's just walking, it's easy to recover from and doesn't require showering or blocking off extra time in the day. We recommend walking to help with any night shred you do.

ShredCBD Walking Weight Loss Plan

In order to maximise weight loss here, we recommend having a brisk 45 minute walk each morning. Have a small snack, ideally something that doesn't contain high levels of glucose. Then, try and walk fairly quickly, so your heart rate climbs up. 

Because your body doesn't have glucose readily available and is in a fasted state, it'll instead turn to fat stores to get that extra bit of energy required. 

By using ShredCBD before your walk, you'll find you have an extra boost of energy and can further increase the number of calories you burn! 

Is that it? 

Yes, in principle. Obviously you'll need to try and keep your diet as clean as possible, and also fuel yourself properly after your morning fat burn walk, but it can be so simple.

Just make sure after you are eating clean, whole foods! Why not have a small bowl of oats with banana and honey to set you up for the day?! 

What to do. Every Day:

1 x ShredCBD capsule before you set out. 

45 Minute Walk - You should feel like you are walking fast, but not jogging and be able to maintain the pace for the full 45 minutes. 



Do - Keep a clean diet and try and come in slightly under daily calorie expenditure. You literally cannot lose weight if you are taking on too many calories! 

Do - Keep a log of your walks, and try this for a full 30 days. You'll see some great results. Fitness trackers can really help motivate you and help you see how well you've done. 

Do- Change where you walk, you'll find it hard sticking to this program if you don't keep your mind as occupied as possible!