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Easy Female Fat Loss Plan - Tips, Exercises and Nutrition

Losing fat doesn’t have to be the impossible task that most people would have you think it is. In fact, some crazy people enjoy the fat loss process. What’s hard is sticking to it, but once you get over that bump, female fat loss can indeed be easy, and dare we say it, fun! The crucial thing to remember with female fat loss, is to enjoy the process as much as you can. Invest in yourself both with time and a little money if you can.

Women usually begin an exercise program with the intention to lose fat. If you're trying to shed some extra pounds or completely change your physique it's a challenge to determine where to begin. Do you want to go all-in or take it slow? What type of diet should you select? Do you have a particular type of exercise that is specifically specially designed to lose fat? It's not necessary to become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless quantity of information about fat loss. You can start with three easy suggestions.

1) Mental Preparation for Female Fat Loss

The thoughts you think about the subject of fitness, diet weight loss, your body image can significantly affect the way you can reach your goals for losing fat. Before beginning your fitness and fat loss journey, you should take the time to analyze your thinking processes. What is your relationship to food? Are you a victim of guilt or a source of happiness? Do you eat for celebration or to deal with stress? Have you observed someone who you admire struggle with weight? Have you tried to shed weight before, but had no results? Did you shed pounds only for it to be regained? Your thoughts about food are important. Weight loss is not just counting calories, or having control over your eating habits. Pay attention to your thoughts in relation to food to discern the patterns. If you can identify the thoughts that can hinder your weight loss, it will assist you in fighting against them as they appear in your head.

2) Pay focus on how your body's health is affected by food

There isn't a single magic diet that is suitable for every person. Individuals can be successful on various diets. You must take note of the body's requirements and tailor your diet to meet specific needs of your body. This is known as intuitive nutrition. You can try different types of eating habits and macro ratios to observe how your body reacts. This kind of eating offers the flexibility you need and doesn't cause you to feel as if you're missing out on the entire food categories. However, there are some common elements to bear in your mind when thinking about diet: stay clear of processed food items, drink plenty of water, and choose the most natural food option that is accessible. This kind of diet will require more thought and planning however it will give you the most effective results in fat loss.

3) Try some easy strength training for womens weight loss, seriously!

Training for strength is the most efficient way to increase your efforts to lose fat. Training for strength builds muscle, which can, in turn, increase the rate of metabolism. The increase in your metabolism can help you shed weight in the short term and help keep it off for the long term. Women believe exercise is the most effective method for weight loss since it is the best way to burn calories. Cardio does burn calories but your body quickly adapts. It becomes increasingly difficult to lose significant weight with similar amounts of aerobic exercise. A lot of exercise can slow your metabolism down by making your body think that it must conserve energy. A routine of exercise that is built around exercises for strength is the best kind of exercise women (or men) can perform to shed weight.

The way you interact with food and being aware of the ways the body's nutrition affects you are the two most important aspects of changing the way you look at nutrition and food. When you incorporate the strength training component to your new eating habits, you'll start to see results take place in the form of weight reduction and improved fitness overall.

Easy Female Fat Loss Plan: Basic Diet Tips

You can see our full 7 day meal plan for femal fat loss here and a full 4 week shred diet here.. And below, if you want to create your own shred diet or build on ours is a list of tips to make sure you achieve female fat loss in the best possible way.

Diet Damaging Foods

  • Reduce table salts and sugars. Reduce the amount of items that contain sugar Alternate with low salt alternatives or artificial sweeteners (mostly sucralose, xylitol as well as sweet fibers).

  • Reduce the amount of wheat-based products.

  • Limit cooking with oils and fats (use cold pressed flaxseed/canola/extra virgin olive oil).

  • Make use of soft sunflower margarine instead of butter to optimize the intake of essential fatty acids.

  • Avoid products that are high in preservatives and sugary drinks (zero sugar-free drinks with no calories are fine).

  • Beware of alcohol-based drinks and dairy products with full cream.

Supplements to diets as well as food aids

  • Consume 2 cups of fat-free milk or yogurt (also sugar-free) every day to help promote weight loss.

  • ShredCBD to accelerate metabolic rate and fat loss

  • If you're vegetarian, Swap in low-fat cheese (e.g. Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta & Edam) instead of a portion of meat (limit to a maximum of 3 60g servings each week).

Diet is about balance

For a balanced diet plan, you require the right balance of various food categories. These are helpful to help you gain lean muscle mass and shed weight.

ProteinsContribute for the development and maintaining of lean muscles and are essential to fuel our hectic lifestyles. Take a bite of our yummy Protein Whey Diet Isolean to gain the essential protein your body requires.

CarbohydratesCarbs were selected out of sources that are low in GI to stabilize blood sugar levels as well as provide energy sources. The quantity of carbohydrates in this diet serves as a catalyst that can push your metabolism into high gear and aid in a long-lasting reduction in fat.

The FatsNot every fat is good, and good fats are essential to ensure optimal hormone responses central nervous system, brain function, as well as a healthy immune system and good health generally.

Easy Female Fat Loss: Workouts

When it comes to losing weight, here’s some examples of great way to boost up metabolioc rate and accelerate fat loss. You can read them here. Below is some short bodyweight workouts, that when coupled with our best shred supplement and shred diet plan you will be able to increase calorie burn and help yourself lose more weight.

For the below workout we have done a simple bodyweight workout, making it an easy fat loss workout for females who are just starting out.

Do each exercise 10-15 times, then move on to the next one. Repeat this 3 times. We’d also recommend a short run either before or after.

1. Plank Push-Ups

  • Begin by placing your elbows on a raised surface like the counter of your kitchen or dining room table.

  • Bring your feet back close your feet so that you can support your body weight with your elbows.

  • Keep your head straight starting from at the very top all the way to your toes.

  • As you do this keep your core in a tense position using your abdominal muscles to pull toward the back of your body. Then, begin to pull back your shoulder blades like you were squeezed by pencils, and then take the counter off by using your elbows and your core then return to your starting position.

  • Do the recommended repeated exercises (reps).

  • Your entire body should move in a coordinated way.

2. Push-Ups

  • Place your hands wide apart on a surface that is elevated like the counter in your kitchen or dining room table.

  • Retract your feet and bring them back toes together, putting the weight of your body with your hands while maintaining an even path from above your head down to your toes.

  • While doing this you should also strengthen the core muscles by pulling them towards the back of your body. Then, begin with your elbows bent, and lower your chest to the counter. Then, raise your arms straight and return to return to the original position.

  • Perform the recommended repetitions.

  • Your entire body should move in a coordinated way.

3. Step-Out Squat

  • Start standing and putting your feet close to each other.

  • Move to the right and lower your hips behind by pushing your heels. Keep your knees parallel to the toes.

  • Get up and walk in a straight line by tucking the tailbone in and squeeze the butt towards the top.

  • Perform the recommended repetitions.

  • Repeat the process on the left.

4. Stationary Lunge

  • Get out around the your hip bones/adjustment of the distance.

  • Step your right foot forward and lean forward about equal to the distance of the leg.

  • Keep the back heel away from the floor and then begin to extend both legs, lower your body until you are on the floor.

  • Make sure you place more of your body weight on your front heel. Keep your front knee in the direction of the toe.

5. Hip Bridge

  • Lay on your back or on the floor, or on the couch.

  • Relax your knees, then place your feet on the ground.

  • Then, press through your feet Squeeze your butt and lift your hips up to the sky.

  • Lower down half way and repeat.

6. Isometric Knee Press

Based on your strength, start with just one side at a stretch and then both feet on an exercise table.

Level 1: Single-Leg Knee Press

  • Lay on your back lying on the floor or on the couch.

  • Place your knees on your knees and place your right foot on the floor.

  • With an open knee, lift it off the floor and into an angle of 90 degrees (otherwise called tabletop posture).

  • Put the hand of your left on your thigh.

  • Then press your hand into your thigh while putting your thigh in your hands. Your abdominal muscles should expand.

  • Make sure to hold that contraction for 10 seconds, then stop.