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Do CBD Weight Loss Sprays Work - Our Review

Have you been thinking of using CBD weight loss sprays for fat loss, or for maintaining a healthier body in general? Here's what you need to know...

CBD, aka Cannabidiol, is one of the many bioactive compounds in the cannabis plant. These days there's a lot of buzz around CBD's effects on our health.

If the current evidence is anything to go by, then CBD can offer some amazing benefits for weight loss and metabolic function. Such as:

  • Improved metabolism (and energy expenditure)
  • Faster fat 'browning' aka breakdown
  • Better glucose uptake

There are all sorts of ways you can take CBD. From using cremes, edibles, to oils. You can even spray it under your tongue.

But do CBD weight loss sprays work? To answer that, it's best to start at the very beginning, and look at how CBD itself works.

How Do CBD Weight Loss Sprays Work?

CBD is a very promising compound. It can help weight loss due to how it works in your body. Generally most CBD is hemp derived, making it safer. 

Your body has a native endocannabinoid system with different receptors - including CB1 and CB2 receptors. Typically, CB1 receptors only exist in your central nervous system. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are found throughout your entire body.

However, people with obesity have more widespread CB1 receptors, particularly in their fatty tissue. This has led the researchers to study the link between obesity and CB1 receptor activation.

Taking CBD won't activate your CB receptors directly. Instead, it will influence your body's natural endocannabinoid system to either activate or turn off the receptors, depending on what's needed to achieve 'homeostasis'. This is suggested to play a role in fat loss and other important metabolic processes.

A growing body of evidence shows that CBD can help you not only lose weight but also help prevent metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance. This is why we brought about ShredCBD and people a

Reduces Appetite

Many users say that CBD helped them lose weight by suppressing their appetite. This might sound odd since cannabis is known to stimulate the appetite. But here's the catch...

It's the THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, that's causing the hunger. CBD does not. In fact, while THC activates the CB1 receptors, CBD is shown in research to block off CB1 receptors from overactivating, which results in reduced appetite and easier weight control. (1)

A 2012 animal study reported similar results. It found that when rats were exposed to CBD, their appetite and food cravings were reduced. (2)

Turns Brown Fat to White Fat

One of the most powerful effects of CBD is its ability to convert the 'bad' white fat into 'good' brown fat. White fat is hard to get rid of and can increase the risk of diseases like diabetes. Brown fat, or baby fat, is much softer, more metabolically active, and easier to burn through. Because of these qualities, brown fat can improve your metabolism and help your body burn more calories.

Study into CBD for fat loss

A 2016 study confirmed this notion. (3) The researchers found that CBD had a two-fold effect on weight loss:

  1. It helped convert the harmful white fat cells into brown fat cells
  2. It made the body more efficient at breaking down fats

Thanks to these effects, the researchers note that CBD might be a helpful therapy for fighting obesity.

Breaks Down Fat

Another way CBD can help you lose weight is by breaking down the fat cells and eliminating them from your body as waste.

A scientific paper from 2018 helped further explain CBD's effects on brown and white fat. As we've seen, brown fat cells are more metabolically active than white fat cells. This means they burn off more calories as heat. (1)

The research suggested that through the process of turning white fat to brown fat, CBD actually changed how these fat cells act in the body.

Put simply, CBD can boost your metabolism on a cellular level.

Improves Metabolic Health

As other studies note, there's a close link between metabolic disorders and obesity. Scientists speculate that the overactivation of the CB1 receptors in the body's fat tissue could be partly responsible for this. (4)

By 'turning off' these CB1 receptors, CBD might help prevent obesity and metabolic disorders. To highlight this point, researchers showed that CBD treatment helps reduce total cholesterol levels by 25% in obese rats. (5) Furthermore, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD also increased liver health markers and decreased blood sugar levels - both of which are big contributors to weight loss.

How do CBD Weight Loss Sprays Work?

The CBD found in sprays is usually full-spectrum and is derived from hemp.

While CBD isolate has less THC and is generally accepted as more effective for weight loss purposes, a full-spectrum CBD isn't a terrible choice by any means.

The good side to using cbd weight loss sprays is that they absorb fast. Under your tongue you have tiny mucosal glands that absorb the compound directly into your bloodstream for fast effects.

However, a slight issue with CBD weight loss sprays is that you can't dose them correctly like capsules. This can be a bit tricky when you need a milligram dose of the compound to achieve weight loss. Additionally, CBD has an acquired taste - some people prefer capsules which are tasteless and more convenient. 

This doesn't mean that CBD sprays don't work for weight loss, it's just down to how serious you are about your goals, as well as personal preference. 

Here are the key pros and cons of using CBD weight loss sprays:


  • Absorb fast, typically within 15-30 minutes, making it great for treating pain or stress.
  • Some people enjoy the taste of CBD


  • It can be hard to determine how much CBD you're getting from each spray, especially if you can only see the total CBD content on the bottle and not the per-dose amount.

The Bottom Line - Do CBD Weight Loss Sprays Work?

The current studies into CBD and weight loss look extremely promising and are sure to prompt more clinical trials into studying their connection.

CBD can offer amazing support to your body by balancing blood sugar levels, regulating appetite, and boosting metabolism.

CBD comes in many forms, one of them being CBD sprays. The question on many people's minds is "do CBD weight loss sprays work?" And the answer to that is that they do, however, they might not be as effective as capsules which are easier to dose precisely – making them more effective at supporting your goals.

Weight Loss sprays generally come in all shapes and sizes and with more people than ever getting the best results for fat loss with hemp derived cbd products, cbd weight loss sprays are likely the next fad. 


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