CBD Weight Loss Stories - Effects of CBD on Fat Burning

CBD is becoming more and more mainstream, and with exciting new research coming out all the time about some surprising benefits, it's no wonder people are sharing their stories about success with the compound. CBD Weight Loss Stories are some of these accounts that are cropping up. And at ShredCBD we're proud of all our customers who want to share their stories. 

Understanding CBD and Weight Loss 

Before we jump into some of our CBD and weight loss stories, it's good to understand how CBD works for weight loss and what benefits it could potentially have for you, as we guess you're considering using CBD Oil, or even CBD tea for weight loss.

 CBD can impact your weight loss through it's ability to interact with your bodies Endocannabinoid system. It's through this, that CBD can impact metabolic rate, appetite and mood and energy. 

CBD has been studied and found that it impacts metabolic rate.

Another key area that CBD effects, and is largely attributed to the many weight loss stories coming out about the compound is it's ability to impact ghrelin. This is a hormone that is responsible for stimulating feelings of hunger and appetite. 

A study on CBD found that subjects who were given CBD saw a massive reduction in food consumption than the control subjects in the study. This appetite reduction can eventually lead to less calories consumed, which will lead to weight loss stories you see online. 

To understand even more how ShredCBD works to help cut back unwanted fat and help you lose weight you can see our how it works page.

 ShredCBD Weight Loss Stories

All of our stories below come from genuine customers and can be found alongside images on our reviews and testimonials page.

Remember, to get the best results for CBD and weight loss it's important that you maintain a calorie restrictive diet and if possible follow and exercise routine. 

 Candy's ShredCBD Story:

"I was searching for an all natural non-stimulant product with CBD to help me with my competition prep. I currently use CBD for anti-inflammatory and when I found shred CBD, I decided to try it at the start of my 12 week prep for my show to help with extra fat loss. Shred CBD can be taken 2-3 times a day.

I started with one in the morning before I work out and before dinner. 3 weeks in I noticed my energy and focus were up and about the 4th week in I noticed tightening of my muscles and abs. I continued with a bottle, which is 60 pills, and I was loving my energy and with proper nutrition and exercise I could see the difference in my physique.

My workouts are early in the morning and it did help with my lifting sessions without that stimulant feeling. Also I did not feel sore.

I purchased 2 more bottles and my last 2 weeks I upped it 1 in the morning, 1 before lunch and 1 before dinner. Shred CBD helped me fine tuned the fat loss and I definitely felt much needed good energy and less soreness.

I plan on continuing using shred CBD, to continue to help with my workouts and any muscle soreness and of course to support the extra fat loss!"

Jon's ShredCBD Story

I've been taking ShredCBD for two months now, and I can only say this: WOW. I consider myself a fit 41 year old person by normal human standards. I work out 3-5 times a week, run regularly, play volleyball, and eat well for the most part.

I also take supplements to help boost my performance in gym and life. I've taken a lot of fat burners, some of the muscle-bound variety, and some more natural, but what I've found in ShredCBD is a formula that works not only in the gym, but outside of it. I hadn't done much research into the world of CBD, but have friends who swear by it, mostly for reasons that don't involve weight loss.

However, since I've started taking ShredCBD, I've felt and seen a noticeable difference in not only my body composition, but also increased focus at the gym, and for work. I've also been getting more complete sleep, which we all know is just as important as any workout or diet. I don't wake up in the middle of the night and wake up feeling well-rested and alert.

I would recommend ShredCBD to anyone who's looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. This product has helped me in ways that I didn't think a supplement could, at least not without shelling out hundreds of dollars or taking a trip to a doctor.

Starting Your Own ShredCBD Weight Loss Story

With millions waking up to the big benefits of CBD on weight loss, you too could be in line to have your own success story! 

Whether your losing weight with or without CBD, we wish you the best of luck! 

ShredCBD is a premium CBD based fat burner which can help your body burn through stored fat for energy and provide a simple way to use premium CBD isolate to help you cut back unwanted fat. 

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Benefits of ShredCBD

  1. Increased fat oxidation
  2. Reduced fat storage
  3. Improved endurance and focus 
  4. Better sleep and recovery 
  5. Reduced cortisol (stress hormone responsible for weight gain) 
  6. Countless other lifestyle benefits

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