CBD Weight Loss Before and After

CBD Weight Loss Before and After

Forming new habits is difficult, which is why there are so many books, podcasts, blogs, and youtube videos dedicated to the subject. When you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, you need to form new habits and break old ones. Many people fall into an endless cycle of losing body weight, only to put more back on again. This is usually because although they have worked hard to shift those extra pounds, they have not formed life-long and automated habits.

Luckily there is something that can help.

Cannabidiol CBD supplements are quickly gaining popularity in the health and fitness world, and for a good reason. CBD has the power to improve your sleep, relieve stress, help you with losing weight, and make you feel more energized. This makes it easier to stick to your new habits day after day. But not only that, research into CBD is revealing how it can improve metabolism and help you burn extra fat. This is a powerful cycle because when you see the results of your hard work, you feel rewarded and it is easier to keep going.

We can go into how and why CBD works, but first, it is important to see tangible results from real people who have seen a transformation in their life because of CBD. The following comparisons are from people who supplemented with ShredCBD, a powerful weight loss supplement that contains 20mg of CBD per capsule and additional fat burner ingredients, Green Tea Extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. Unlike hemp oil or other CBD oils for weight loss, a capsule can be better absorbed by your body so that you can experience the full benefits.

The ShredCBD mission? 'To upgrade you and upgrade your life.'

CBD and Weight Loss: Before and After

Although CBD has been used for thousands of years in the form of Cannabis, it has been pushed away and made illegal, and as a result, people have been denied its benefits. CBD is now legal on the federal level, which has allowed for more and more research into this incredible compound.

It's no wonder people are eager to share their success stories so that other people might benefit. Here are real reviews from people who transformed their bodies through the help of ShredCBD. You can see their full reviews here.

Mark L, Connecticut USA


Despite being strict with his diet for a long time, Mark experienced initial weight loss, but then it slowed down. That is why he decided to start taking three CBD supplements each day, one with each meal.

He explains that the first thing he noticed was a massive improvement in his sleep. Within just two days of taking ShredCBD, he slept soundly, despite struggling with his sleep for several years.

Next, he noticed a reduction in his appetite and a reduction in food cravings. And then after ist 10 days, he saw his fat percentage go down.

"In 6 weeks, my fat percentage has gone down substantially. You will see my weight is going down slowly, but fat is going down even faster. Which means I am retaining my muscle mass. I am a true believer. I’m 63 years old. This stuff really works."

Jon E, USA


Jon is a healthy 41-year-old who works out regularly and eats well most of the time. He also takes supplements to boost his gym performance and life in general. He has tried a lot of fat burners, including natural and non-natural products. His favorite thing about CBD? It is helping him both inside and outside of the gym.

He explains that since taking ShredCBD, he saw a noticeable difference in his body composition as well as increased focus at the gym and work. He also saw improvements in his sleep, which has been important to his workout and diet. He was waking up feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day.

"I would recommend ShredCBD to anyone who's looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. This product has helped me in ways that I didn't think a supplement could."

Candy Delos Reyes, California USA

Candy is a bodybuilder who competes in high-end competitions. She needs to feel and look her best, and to do that, and she needs to take the best supplements.

She wanted an all-natural and non-stimulant product to help her prepare for competition. She was already using CBD as an anti-inflammatory, so when she found ShredCBD, she was eager to try it. She took ShredCBD 2-3 times a day for 12 weeks to burn extra fat.

"3 weeks in, I noticed my energy and focus were up, and about the 4th week in, I noticed tightening of my muscles and abs. I continued with a bottle, which is 60 pills, and I was loving my energy, and with proper nutrition and exercise, I could see the difference in my physique."

Candy goes on to explain that she felt more energized, without the nasty stimulant feeling she explains,

"Shred CBD helped me fine-tuned the fat loss, and I definitely felt much needed good energy and less soreness."

She plans to continue to use CBD supplements to continue to support her journey to gain more fitness and muscle while keeping the fat at bay. CBD supplements can be taken long term, which makes them taking them a great habit to get into.

Ray Traitz, New York USA

For Ray, the big difference he felt was in his sleep. CBD helped him to get more sleep and better quality sleep, leaving him feeling better throughout the day. This allowed him to train harder, he now claims it as essential to him as coffee, and he wouldn't live without it.

"If you're on the fence about this kind of product, ShredCBD is your best and safest chance at jumping right in."

Macy, USA


Marcy has also benefited massively from ShredCBD. She explains that it helps her sleep, enables her to train harder, and aids her recovery after exercise. CBD is helping her in several aspects of her life, including her fitness routine, her focus, and even her job, helping her to,

"glide through the day seamlessly... In my opinion, all athletes should at least try ShredCBD."

Sean F, USA

Sean wanted to lean down and feel good in his holiday photos. After taking it for 3 months and eating relatively healthy (with occasional treats), he saw the difference in his physic, sleep, and stress levels.

"Worth it even for sleep and less stress benefits from the CBD!"

How Does it Work?

With people claiming that ShredCBD has improved their sleep, focus and helped them reduce their body fat, you may be thinking that it all seems a bit too good to be true.

But there is a reason why CBD is able to impact so many areas of your life.

Your body has an inbuilt system that interacts with cannabinoids, which are compounds found in the cannabis plant; CBD is one example. That system is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is a highly complex system, and research is still in its infancy. However, it has known implications on:

  • sleep
  • learning and memory
  • appetite
  • mood
  • appetite and digestion
  • metabolism
  • pain
  • stress
  • inflammation
  • mood
  • motor control
  • liver function
  • cardiovascular system function
  • muscle formation
  • skin and nerve function
  • bone remodeling and growth
  • reproductive system function


These functions are all contributed to homeostasis, which refers to the stability of your internal environment. For example, if an outside force, such as a fever, throws off your body’s homeostasis, your ECS kicks in to help your body return to its ideal state. (1)

The ECS is active in your body even if you don’t use cannabis; by using CBD, you can help your body with its natural systems. When you are forming new habits, you want them to become automated; this happens through memory and continued commitment, which is much easier when you are sleeping better and are in a better mood. Furthermore, CBD has the ability to reduce appetite and burn fat, making it the perfect supplement for sustainable weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle change.

Endocannabinoid receptors

Your ECS contains endocannabinoid receptors, which are found throughout the body. Endocannabinoids bind to them to signal for the ECS to take action. Endocannabinoids are molecules created by your body; they are very similar to cannabinoids such as CBD, the main difference being that they are produced by your body.

The two main endocannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2:

  • CB1 receptors, found mostly in the central nervous system
  • CB2 receptors, found mostly in your peripheral nervous system, especially your body's' immune cells.


Endocannabinoids can bind to either receptor, and the result will depend on where the receptor is located and which type of endocannabinoid it binds to. For example, they might bind to CB2 receptors in your immune cells to fight inflammation or to CB1 receptors in the spinal nerve to ease the pain. (2)

Cannabinoids such as CBD also bind to and interact with this system, which is why it has the power to help your body with so many things.

How Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

CBD has several impacts on the way you lose weight. The reviews of Shred CBD mention better sleep and mood, enabling them to better stick to their habits.

They also saw a reduction in body fat, even for people like Mark, who was previously experiencing a plateau with his weight loss and muscle building journey. Here we are going to explore exactly what is happening to give people such incredible results.

CBD Helps Your Body Burn Fat

Every review mentions weight loss. Mark was particularly impressed, stating that,

"The best part is that I noticed my fat percentage going down after about 10 days of starting ShredCBD."

It turns out that CBD has a powerful effect on how your body can burn fat. CBD influences your endocannabinoid system to transform white adipose tissue, or 'white fat,' into brown adipose tissue, or 'brown fat.' (3)

White fat is difficult to shift and is linked to metabolic disorders like diabetes, brown fat cells are easier to burn. Brown fat was once thought only to be found in children, but we have now realized that adults have it too. Brown fat cells contain high levels of mitochondria, which your body uses to generate heat. This process of fat browning makes losing weight easier.

CBD Helps You to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Another thing mentioned by almost every review is a noticeable improvement in sleep, John explains,

"I don't wake up in the middle of the night and wake up feeling well-rested and alert."

Studies have shown that CBD helps people get more sleep, and it also encourages more REM sleep, which is important for memory and learning. (4) If you are getting poor quality sleep, you could still be left feeling fatigued even if you get to bed early.

When you are fatigued, it is much harder to stick to your habits, even causing food cravings. (5) When you are experiencing quality sleep, you can form new habits, and you will have more energy. This means you can work out harder and focus better.

Macy, Candy, and Jon all mentioned increased focus. And this is a common side effect of CBD. Jon goes onto explain that,

"Since I've started taking ShredCBD, I've felt and seen a noticeable difference in not only my body composition but also increased focus at the gym and for work."

CBD Improves Your Metabolic Functions

Endocannabinoid receptors are located in the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, allowing CBD to assist with the absorption of food and digestion.

Studies have shown that when the endocannabinoid system is overstimulated, it can encourage weight gain and insulin resistance. When the CB1 receptors are overstimulated, it increases the likelihood of metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure. But CBD blocks this receptor and therefore improves your metabolism. (6)

CBD Improves Your Exercise Performance

Candy and Jon are just two examples of people who have experienced heightened exercise performance thanks to CBD. According to Candy,

"I definitely felt much needed good energy and less soreness."

CBD has become a popular supplement for gym buffs, bodybuilders, and world-class athletes. It gives you more energy and allows you to work out harder. It also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which aids recovery. When you experience a reduction in soreness after exercise, you can work out harder, sooner, helping you to lose more weight and build muscle.

CBD Suppresses Your Appetite and Curbs Food Cravings

People who smoke Cannabis often experience higher levels of hunger and cravings for sugary or calorie-dense food. For this reason, it is used to help cancer patients who struggle to eat following Chemotherapy. (7)

However, this is because of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another compound in Cannabis. All CBD products come with trace amounts of THC; however, you will not experience this effect so long as you choose a supplement with a minimum amount of CBD. This is why ShredCBD has a THC content of less than 0.1%.

In fact, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to block CB1 receptors, which results in a reduction of your appetite, which is why users like Mark noticed a reduction in his appetite soon after supplementing with CBD. In one study, obese participants were given CBD therapy; it reduced appetite and helped them burn fat by turning white fat into brown fat. (8)

CBD Reduces Stress

Almost every review mentions feeling better, and CBD has been praised for helping people reduce their stress and anxiety.

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, and when your body produces too much of it, your brain sends a signal to your adrenal glands to stop its production. This is important because too much cortisol can lead to anxiety, inflammation, and drops in blood sugar, causing people to crave sugary and fatty food. (9)

However, when you are stressed for a long period of time, you become desensitized to cortisol, and your brain can fail to stop its production, leading to more stress.

But CBD has the power to enhance the brain's ability to detect cortisol, which causes the brain to kick in and send signals to the adrenal glands to stop the process.

Less stress is always a good thing; it helps you stay on track with your habits, avoid weight gain, and push forward.

What Is The Best Way to Take CBD for Weight Loss?

CBD comes in numerous forms. You may have seen CBD oil for weight loss, hemp oil, edibles, and sprays. Howevreing, the best CBD for weight loss, is in the form of a capsule. There are two key reasons for this:

  • A capsule allows you to take a targeted dosage of CBD. (10)
  • When you swallow CBD with your food or place CBD oil under your tongue, you lose some of the benefits. Your stomach is not the best place to absorb CBD; the best place is the small intestine, as this way, your stomach acid cannot destroy it before it can get into your system. (11). Therefore, you receive the most benefits through a capsule.


If you are taking CBD to help you lose fat, then CBD products in the form of a capsule are best. A capsule will make its way down to your small intestine, where absorption rates are highest, and it will influence your ECS over a long period of time. You can take the optimum dosage for your weight loss journey and will experience the full benefits of CBD.

Which Is The Best CBD Product?

As discussed, CBD oils for weight loss are not the optimum way to consume CBD, instead, you should look for a high-quality capsule.

CBD has become increasingly popular, and so has the number of CBD products available. CBD is an expensive compound to produce, and as a result, many manufacturers maximize profits by minimizing the amount of CBD in their supplements. Instead, they often include unnecessary or even harmful ingredients.

You need to make sure you are purchasing CBD from a trusted supplier. And if you are looking to take CBD to reduce your body weight, you should opt for a product designed for that purpose, with well-researched dosages.

We believe that the best CBD product is Shred CBD. The reviews speak for themselves; people are experiencing the transformative effects of CBD with this progressive product.

Each capsule contains 20mg of 99& pure CBD isolate. It also includes other well-researched, natural fat burners, Green Tea Extract, and Garcinia Cambogia. With a transparent ingredient list, you know exactly what you are getting: a clinically dosed product formulated to help you shed fat and feel good.

ShredCBD is manufactured in a cGMP approved facility within the United States, which is why we really trust it.

CBD products are legal on the federal level if they contain less than 0.3% THC. ShredCBD contains under 0.1%. At this level, you will not experience the psychoactive side effects of THC.

The Limitations of CBD for Weight Loss

CBD has some incredible properties that may help people avoid weight gain, burn extra fat, and feel good. But it is not without its limitations.

The truth is that there is no miracle solution for losing weight. The answer is, first and foremost, lifestyle change. Swapping your bad habits, such as late-night snacking and chocolate binges, for good habits, such as tracking your food intake and exercising. By tracking your food intake, you can ensure that you are eating fewer calories than what you burn, which is the only way you can lose fat.

But CBD can defiantly help. As discussed, it helps your body to shift stubborn fat and improves your metabolism. But perhaps most importantly, it makes you feel better and gives you more energy. As a result, you are better able to stick to your habits.

Not all CBD products are created equal, especially when it comes to the best CBD weight loss supplements. When looking at the large range of products on the market, such as CBD oils, edibles, sprays, and capsules, be sure to do your research. For this, nothing compares to reviews from people who have used the product and seen tangible results.

CBD and Weight Loss: Conclusion

If you want to lose fat, gain muscle, sleep better, have more focus and less stress, then you should try a quality CBD supplement.

ShredCBD has been specially formulated to aid your weight loss program. As opposed to CBD oil for weight loss, a capsule can be more fully absorbed so that you can experience more of the health benefits of CBD. The claims may seem too good to be true, but when you can see real results from people experiencing the potential of CBD and weight loss, you would be mad not to try it!


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